Welcome to pandafruits.com. I'm keeping this site mainly to leave some kind of record for some of the stuffs I did or had - some travelling photos, new things I just get or perhaps some hobby activities etc.

I used to own a domain named chenyuplus.cn, but then I stopped paying for it (and the hosting) about 3 years ago. So althoug this new domain and hosting are new, some of the contents here are actually from the old site.

Oh ... there is no such a thing as pandafruit, it was simply inspired by the word 'kiwifruit'; plus I've always wanted to do some fruit and vegetable business.

Made the site go through the W3C HTML and CSS 3 validators OK, so everything should work now.

Added a search facility to the site, I don't imagine anybody would need to use the search to find something in such a small website ... but never mind.

Added a contact form. It works pretty well but took me some time. Only after I had got it working did I realize that my web hoster already had some pre-installed CGI script to be used. But anyway, this one looks a bit cooler.

First upload - just to test the ftp client program and all the user names and passwords.