Salary converter

Sometimes before I buy something (say a new iPhone), I want to know how many days (or hours ... or seconds for some of you :-) ) of my life I have to spend working to buy it. But I'm not paid daily, so I have this little converter here to help me.

This could also be useful if you just got a pay increase (or, God Forbit, a pay cut) and you want to know how that's going to affect you weekly pay etc.

Simply select how you are paid, enter your pay, choose whether you want the tax deducted and click "Convert".



Of course, you can easily work these out by hand, this is just for fun. The tax rates applied are valid from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013, in New Zealand. Check out IRD's page for what they are currently.

There's also a installer for Windows you can download here. It looks like this: